Since we started selling office furniture back in the 1994, we've followed 3 key principles:


Offer the best service


Provide the highest quality products


Sell at a fair price


These ideals have remained the keystones of our company’s success and at the heart of everything we do. Through our office furniture selection, we will help you shape the right corporate image, have the most productive workplace and create the largest possible return on your investment.

We are committed to delivering above and beyond our customers’ expectations. As such, we have made a determined commitment to maintain and improve our management systems and environmental management controls.

We offer a turnkey commercial furniture service. Our full product range can be viewed within these pages and in our showroom. Also, all our workstations and desktops are manufactured in Australia, which allows us to offer a diverse, exclusive and quality-driven collection, unmatched in the industry.

From our world-class showroom to our complete product range, now we are more equipped than ever to offer you the complete office furniture solution.

Why Choose Us

5 reasons why your office should be decked out in Klein furniture

About us


We don’t sell commodity products and you won't find any 'Buy Now' buttons on our site. We sell office furniture solutions tailored to you. Once colour, size, finish, fabric and use are taken into account there are far too many permutations for a simple one size fits all answer.

Our sales consultants are office furniture experts and they will find the right solution for you based on your requirements and constraints. We also like to keep it simple for you - from proposal through project management and final sign-off you will only ever have one point of contact in our company.


It’s true. We do.

Why’s that good? Well, while our competitors limit you to one or two colours and sizes for your furniture, we make sure you get the perfect fit and offer you an extensive range of finishes for your office.

Also, because of this our lead times are unparalleled in the industry. If you need your office furniture yesterday, we’ll make it happen!


Because we manufacture (see point 2 ☺), we can easily ensure the highest standards of quality control. Products that we do source are rigorously tested and scrutinised to make sure they make commercial grade.

We also stand by our products. The majority of our products feature 5-year warranties and we simply won’t sell anything we don’t have full confidence in. With over 90% of our range exclusive Klein designs, we offer a lot of unique and high-quality products in our collection.



Our company’s main goal is to offer you the best service and make your life as easy as possible. Everything we do is geared towards that. From our unique showroom, where every one of the products is on display, to our ordering process where we make sure we get you the right office furniture solution, to our speedy lead-times and also our after sales team and repair processes. We work really hard to give you the best office furniture experience.


We have a lot of competitive advantages that give us price savings, from our vertically integrated supply chain to our strength and history in the marketplace and we like to pass those savings onto you.

Sure, you can go to the corner store and buy a $59.95 fake-leather office chair. But, then you would have to pull out your toolset, hope it fits together alright and if it does, we shudder at the thought of the damage its doing to your body, through it’s non-existent padding, lousy mechanism and misaligned ergonomics. We sell the antithesis of that, high quality products at unmatchable prices.


Since 1994, we’ve been leaders in the office furniture industry. We know office furniture and at some point have dealt with virtually every situation.

Our technical proficiency at planning offices and providing the right furniture, coupled with a vast array of experiences in such a diverse range of office environments yields extraordinary results through the way that we go about our business. All of this ultimately makes your purchasing experience even smoother.


Custom Manufacturing

A little about our manufacturing..

Did you know we locally manufacture all of our melamine and veneer desktops, meeting table tops, storage units and other joinery in our Sydney manufacturing plant?

Local manufacturing allows us to provide you with the largest variety of sizes and finishes available. We've got it all covered, it's rare to find a job that we can't do!

Our capabilities include:

  • Custom shapes, sizes and edge profiles
  • Custom joinery and cabinetry
  • Powder coating
  • Custom upholstery

We manufacture using only world's best practice methodologies on some of the most technologically advanced machinery available. Our multimillion dollar machines are optimised to be as efficient as possible and produce items of the highest quality, which is why our lead times are unparalleled in the market.

Through our best practice manufacturing facilities, we are more equipped than ever to offer you the complete office furniture solution.

Krost About us

Environmental Policy

We know office furniture can leave a big footprint on the environment. We see it as our responsibility to minimise that footprint as much as possible. Across all our ranges, we strive to use environmentally friendly materials and production processes.

What differentiates us from our competitors though, is that we recognise it’s not only the materials that matter. The product’s lifespan, reusability and versatility are equally important.

That’s why our furniture is designed to be reusable, as well as recyclable.

Our systems are adaptable and can be disassembled and reassembled. So, if you need to relocate, your office furniture can be moved and refitted with your business.

Our impact on the environment has become a key measure of our success. We have endeavoured to extend beyond any environmental regulation, design products around their impact on the environment, limit our impression on natural resources and decrease our waste output.




Seating Ergonomics

Ergonomics is the study of designs that suit the human body, its movements and its interacting environment. Ergonomically designed office furniture will achieve 2 main goals:





This has been confirmed in numerous scientific studies, with the most recent showing that the ergonomics of a workspace are highly correlated to:

  • Job performance
  • Job satisfaction
  • Employee wellbeing

With a typical employee spending upwards of 7 hours a day in their office chair - the most important aspect of an ergonomic office is the seat. With that in mind, it makes good financial and practical sense to view the office chair as an investment in your staff and company.

An effective office chair enhances posture, relieves spinal pressure and reduces back and neck pains. We offer a wide range of chairs that satisfy different body shapes, job types and working environments.

Our chairs differ in material composition, type of mechanism and adjustment controls. We offer 4 types of chair mechanisms and a number of different adjustment controls across our range. One type of chair mechanism is not necessarily better than another. Rather, they’re suited to different people and types of work. Similarly, a chair doesn’t need to have all the adjustment controls to be a good ergonomic choice. A chair should be chosen based on the ability for a user to interact comfortably with their working environment.

Even though you should aim to be in the most ergonomically correct position for the majority of your time seated, it is not healthy to maintain the same position for long hours. You should temporarily change positions, stretch or allow the chair to be in free-recline to relieve some muscles and activate others.

Please don’t hesitate to find the perfect chair for yourself or your company by visiting our showroom and testing them out.

Seating Ergonomics


Why Klein?

About us

You’re talented and want the best place to achieve your potential while helping create positive outcomes for everyone you deal with. You have an eye for design, high attention to detail and are committed to helping organisations around Australia achieve success by providing them innovative office furniture solutions. You also want to work at an organisation where you will always be inspired to achieve more.

Will you fit in?

If you're naturally a problem solver, are hard-working, get along well with people, are always looking to do things better than you did yesterday than Klein is the right place for you.

What's it like to work here?

We're a dynamic company that responds to challenges quickly. You'll be pushed to your maximum and rewarded for it. We foster an open and collaborative work environment, where you'll learn from others and work alongside a team of professionals.


We're committed to developing our people with industry-leading skills and a career path that enables them to grow within the organisation and gradually take on more responsibilities.

For over two decades, Klein has experienced healthy revenue growth and profitability and been providing 'Solutions Beyond Space and Time' to our clients.

Do you have any openings?

We're always keen to hear from talented individuals wanting to join our team. Please email your CV to info@klein.com.au and we'll get back to you if we have any openings

Showroom Virtual Tour

Have you visited our HQ yet? If not here's your chance to take our virtual tour. Our multilevel space showcases our entire range and is the home of our extensive materials library and offices. Come and take a look at 486 City Rd, South Melbourne.

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