Bayside Group

Client : Bayside Group

"Beautiful workspaces in an open environment

LOCATION: Melbourne

Designed to exceed the needs of the modern workspace, we recently completed a project at Bayside Group’s new Melbourne office for breakout zones and practical open-planned workstations. Uno, Halo and Dart tables were paired with Mim chairs and Solo stools in a monochrome palette to create a contemporary and upbeat vibe in the café areas. Rocco chairs and Enzo coffee tables were cleverly selected for the reception area while the workstation areas and executive offices were beautifully designed with a combination of Benchwork workstations, Screenwork screens and Globe Sliding Door cupboards with planters all coming together nicely. Miro S chairs were also a standout in the training rooms, placed around Flip tables the space caters for up to 35 people. Brilliantly designed, these stunning offices are the place to be.